Tadelle Gemechu a.k.a Boja


Born and raised in Addis Ababa the beautiful city of Akaki Beseka at a special place called Jate.


I attended Gelan Primary School, and then did my 7th and 8th grade education at Akaki Textile Community School, and my secondary education (grades 9th to 12th) at Akaki General Secondary School.  


My interest and passion for music started at a very young age, when I began taking music classes in primary school. My schoolmates and teachers had discovered by passion and talent for music and had encouraged me to continue along the musical path. As I grew older and got into secondary school, I continued to pursue music in parallel to my formal education. I first participated in the Kebele 08 Family Planning Band, and then got a job at Kaliti Genet Menafesha  Center Band, where I worked as a vocalist, performing every Saturday and Sunday to live audiences. It was then that, thanks to the help of well-known musician Lemma Demissew, I got the opportunity to pursue first-level education in music.


I eventually joined the Biftu Oromia Band, where I worked as a vocalist, and where I managed to produce my first album, “Balami”, in collaboration with Ambassel Record House. It was an album that got wide audience acceptance.


My second album, ‘Qonet Lafa Bohe’, and my third album, ‘Gadaan Kegna’, were subsequently produced in collaboration with Electra Recording Studio in the following years, and both were successful and had wide audience acceptance.


I am currently finishing work on my 4th Album, which is due for release soon.


I am the winner of 2006 Oromia Musical awards, for best Afan Oromo signer, and have been designated as best traditional artist, and Afan Oromo singer with a Modern Flavor.


I have been working independently and producing with my band for the past 12 years. Aside from my musical career, I am also engaged in a number of business investment projects.


I would like to acknowledge my beloved family, including my wife Ayida Kebede, and my three children Nahili Tadele, Fenet Tadele, and Benol Tadele.



Tadelle Gemechu


My Father— Gemechu Wami : gave me the nickname ‘Boja’

My Mother— Lomi Gudeta